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Released in April 2014

Cloud Valley CV2014

is the quartet of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Cronshaw, the great Finnish singer Sanna Kurki-Suonio, multi-instrumental reeds player Ian Blake, and Tigran Aleksanyan, Armenian master of his country’s heart-rendingly voice-like reed pipe, the duduk.

Andrew Cronshaw  electric zither, fujara, marovantele, kantele
Sanna Kurki-Suonio  voice
Tigran Aleksanyan  duduk
Ian Blake: bass clarinet, soprano sax

 Formed by the musicians who made Cronshaw’s most recent CD, The Unbroken Surface of Snow, SANS is an instrumental and vocal combination not found in any other band in the world, in which the four members draw deeply on their different but remarkably compatible traditions including the ancient Karelian songs that became Finland’s Kalevala, the sweeping melodies of Armenia and English folk-song. They combine to make a genuinely new music of extraordinary beauty, intensity and fluidity in which each performance is a new creation. So the band’s debut CD SANS Live was recorded live, on its December 2013 Flanders tour. 

 See the SANS web pages for more info and tour dates, and SANS on Facebook.

1. Läksin minä kesäyönä käymään - I went out on a summer's night
2. Omenankukka - Apple flower
3. Peter Pan
4. Tuuli - Wind
5. Waiwanen walitan waikiast' - I weep for my sins
6. Äiti ja meri - The mother and the sea
7. Äiu, äiu

(SANS's 2014 UK touring and CD are supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England)

SANS Live is available direct here from Cloud Valley - please click one of rather garishly imperative 'buy' buttons below -
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Andrew Cronshaw's most recent solo album
(which involves the members of what was to become SANS)

The Unbroken Surface of Snow
Cloud Valley CV2009 (2011)

Musicians: Andrew Cronshaw, Tigran Aleksanyan, Ian Blake, Sanna Kurki-Suonio.

1. Käärme
2. Fujaruk
3. The Unbroken Surface of Snow
4. Mhàiri Mhìn Mheall-Shùileach (Gentle Dark-Eyed Mary)
5. Im Hogutz

Available direct from Cloud Valley (click one of the rather garish 'buy' buttons below)
and from the usual shops and online sellers

In the seven years since Andrew Cronshaw's previous album, Ochre, most of his performances have featured a musician who until now hadn't appeared with him on CD - Armenian duduk master Tigran Aleksanyan. Now with The Unbroken Surface of Snow they record together, joined by long-time Cronshaw collaborator Ian Blake on bass clarinet and soprano sax, and the great Finnish singer Sanna Kurki-Suonio, probably best known outside Finland for her membership of Swedish/Finnish band Hedningarna. She sang on Cronshaw's sixth album The Language of Snakes back in 1993, and this time contributes a Finnish epic runo-song to the spacious, minimalist unfolding conversation of the new album's 34-minute title track.

After its release in October 2011 the album spent three months in the top 10 of the World Music Chart Europe.

"Delicate, haunting... glacial" - Robin Denselow, The Guardian

"Stunningly beautiful" - Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3

"Absolutely exquisite" - Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC Radio Scotland / BBC Radio 3

"Sublime" - Max Reinhardt, BBC Radio 3

"Music of snowflake-like singularity" - Ken Hunt, fRoots

"A palpable sense of space and peace" - Norman Chalmers, Scotland on Sunday

"Spacious, gracious, subtle, quietly surprising" - Doug Spencer, ABC Australian national radio

"Unfolds, seduces and ultimately mesmerises" - Tony Hillier, The Australian

"The music is sparse, glacial and utterly beautiful, with a wide, panoramic sense of infinite space;
you will happily lose yourself again and again in the title track,
a far northern wilderness transformed into sound"
- Tim Cumming, Songlines

"Ochre was already a masterpiece, but The Unbroken Surface of Snow is a
 musical paradise on earth"
- Marius Roeting, New Folk Sounds, Netherlands

"Deep, unfolding music... and like snow itself, it falls silently and accumulates
additional weight and resonance with repeated listening"
- Lee Blackstone, Rootsworld, USA

"If the BBC ever make a sequel to Frozen Planet, here surely is its emotive soundtrack" - David Quantick, Uncut

"This remarkable, quiet, haunting piece of folk art... The 34-minute title track is a Finnish creation myth set to
 a musical landscape that is as close to silence as a heavy snowfall, and more beautiful"
- Tim Cumming, The Independent

"Here is a great beauty that you might not notice immediately; it took me several months.
The music just came flowing towards me, as if I was on a summer meadow, looked up at the sky and saw white clouds drift past.
Or a winter night out in the country with the Milky Way's glittering ribbon of stars.
Such occasions when there is all the time in the world and no boundaries"
- Lennart Wretlind, Swedish national radio P2

Since the recording of the album, and powerful live shows together in Finland in the summer of 2011,
the four have united as the band
SANS, in which Sanna's and Ian's roles are much increased.
SANS made its first appearance outside Finland at a special London showcase on October 23rd - click here to see video from that - and will be touring worldwide in 2012 and beyond. See the SANS pages on this website, and SANS on Facebook.

Andrew Cronshaw on Facebook

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The preceding Andrew Cronshaw CDs on Cloud Valley:

A is for Andrew

CD, Cloud Valley CV 2008, (2004)
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Great Bear


On the Shoulders of the Great Bear
Cloud Valley CV 2007 (2000)
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And even earlier solo albums, on other labels, 1974-2000, in chronological order...

A is for Andrew

A is for Andrew, Z is for Zither
LP, Transatlantic XTRA 1139, (1974)
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Earthed in Cloud Valley

Earthed in Cloud Valley
LP, Trailer LER 2104, (1977)
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Wade in the Flood

Wade in the Flood
LP, Transatlantic The Leader Tradition LTRA 508 (1978)
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The Great Dark Water

The Great Dark Water
LP, Waterfront WF 009 (1982), cassette Waterfront WF 009c (1991)
CD Trapeze TRACD6502 (2010)

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Till the Beast's Returning

Till the Beasts' Returning
LP, Topic 12TS 447 (1988), & later on cassette as KTSC 447
(All except tracks 5 & 8 later appeared on The Andrew Cronshaw CD (Topic TSCD 447) (1989), see below)

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The Andrew Cronshaw CD

The Andrew Cronshaw CD
(Topic TSCD 447) (1989)
Comprised all of The Great Dark Water, and all except tracks 5 & 8 of Till the Beasts' Returning. See entries for those for details

The Language of Snakes

The Language of Snakes
(1993). CD & cassette on Topic's Special Delivery label (SPDCD 1050, SPDC 1050) and in Spain on Sonifolk's Lyricon label (Lyricon 21046)
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Cronshaw tracks on compilations:
On The Cutting Edge - a selection of contemporary British roots music (LP, Cooking Vinyl GRILL 001), specially recorded track A Debatable Land (solo zither).

On Circle Dance (CD, Hokey Pokey ConeD, 1990), specially recorded track Maid in Bedlam (Moldovan flute, with Bernard O'Neill on double bass, and solo zither).

Tracks from Cronshaw albums appear on various other compilations including those by Topic, fRoots, the BBC Radio Folk Awards, The BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music, The European Forum of World Music Festivals, Ethno Port festival, Fairbridge Festival etc.

Sessions include albums by Scott Walker, Cerys Matthews, Martin Simpson, BJ Cole, Suede, Silly Sisters, Ralph McTell, Ute Lemper, Salamakannel, Ric Sanders, Roger Nicholson, Vo and Rachel Fletcher, Ashley Hutchings, Paul Metsers, Philip Pickett's New London Consort, Bernard O'Neill, Tanya Tagaq & Ugarte Anaiak, Nikolai Blad, Pascal Gaigne, Hannu Saha, Natacha Atlas, Mec Yek, Dorothee Munyaneza, Lidwine and others, plus various films and TV.

Production: includes albums by June Tabor (Abyssinians and Aqaba), June Tabor & Maddy Prior as Silly Sisters (No More to the Dance), Pyewackett (The Man in the Moon Drinks Claret), Zumzeaux (Wolf At Your Door and Blazing Fiddles), Bill Caddick (The Wild West Show and Bill Caddick's Urban Legend), Salamakannel (Koivunrunkorakkautta), Nikolai Blad (Nikolai Blad), and mix production of albums by Flook (Flatfish) and Hannu Saha (Mahla).