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Wade In The Flood

LP, Transatlantic The Leader Tradition LTRA 508 (1978)
Later re-issued by Highway records with same serial no & sleeve

Andrew Cronshaw - electric zithers, concertina, whistle
Martin Simpson - acoustic & electric guitars, dobro, banjo
Ric Sanders - electric violin
Jon Gillaspie - polyphonic synthesiser, piano, bassoon
Holly Tannen - Appalachian dulcimer
Rick Kemp - bass guitar

Track List

1. Bell Isle
AC - electric zithers; RS - electric violin; JG - bassoon; MS - guitar
    Learned as a Scottish slow pipe march, though not here played as one.

2. The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance tune
AC - concertina; JG - bassoon; MS - guitar; RS - electric violin
    The dance, once a four-day event, reduced in these days of entertainment to something less. The tune remembered by wheelwright and fiddler Robinson in 1857.

3. Leaving Rhu Vaternish
AC - electric zither, whistle; JG - synth
    - and perhaps heading west, away from Skye towards the Uists and beyond. A Gaelic air.

4. The Eastern Townships' waltz
AC - electric zither; RS - electric violin; RK - bass guitar; JG - synth; MS - guitar
    From a Philo record by clogging fiddler Henri Landry, of Pontbriand in Quebec. He learned it from another French Canadian fiddler, Fortunat Vachon.

5. The lament for Rory Mór MacLeod
AC - electric zither; RK - bass guitar; JG - synth
    Ruairidh Mór, MacLeod of MacLeod, famed for his hospitality and known as "he of the enormous drinking horn", died at the clan seat of Dunvegan on Skye in 1662. The then hereditary clan piper, Patrick Mór MacCrimmon, composed the piobaireachd lament of which this is the urlar, or basic tune, in his memory.

6. The Marquis of Huntly's strathspey
AC - electric zither, whistle; MS - electric guitar; RK - bass guitar; RS - electric violin
    - sometimes known as a "highland fling". Right enough.

7. Brave Wolfe
AC - electric zither; MS - guitar; RS - electric violin
    An appreciative nod to M.Carthy.

8. La valse du Grand Bois
AC - electric zither; JG - piano; MS - dobro; RS - electric violin; RK - bass guitar
    A Cajun waltz from the Balfa Brothers of Louisiana via Holly.

9. The downfall of Paris
AC - electric zithers, concertina; RS - electric violin
    An Irish set dance, from a record by Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin.

10. Malcolm McPherson's lullaby
AC - electric zither; RS - electric violin; MS - guitar
    Found in William Ross's 1869 "Collection of Pipe Music" as "Malcolm McPherson's Lullaby, march". Militaristic, they Scots bairns.

11. Table Mountain Road
AC - electric zither, whistle; MS - slide electric guitar; RK - bass guitar; RS - electric violin; HT - Appalachian dulcimer
    Written by Jay Feldman in honour of a trip up the bumpy road to his home in Mendocino County, California.

12.The lark on the strand / The lament for Anach Cuain
AC - whistle, electric zither; MS - banjo; RS - electric violin; RK - bass guitar; HT - Appalachian dulcimer; JG - synth
    A wedding party on the shores of Lough Corrib; a small boat, carrying revellers homeward, sinks.

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