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Earthed in Cloud Valley

LP, Trailer LER 2104

Marketed and distributed under licence by Transatlantic; later re-released by Highway records with same serial no & sleeve. (Tracks 1, 6, 9 and 14 were also released (1977) by Transatlantic as a 45 rpm promo EP entitled Cloud Valley)

Andrew Cronshaw
- zither, flute, whistle, English concertina
Martin Simpson - guitar, dobro
Holly Tannen - Appalachian dulcimer
Rick Kemp - bass guitar

Track List:

1. Murdo Mackenzie of Torridon
AC - Concertina, flute, zither; HT - Appalachian dulcimer; MS - guitar; RK - bass guitar
    A march by Bobby Macleod. 50% of Torridon's population is Mackenzie, and a lot of it is called Murdo, so I don't know exactly who this tune was for.

2. Eleanor Plunkett
AC - zither, flute
    An air by Carolan.

3. Prince William
AC - concertina; HT - Appalachian dulcimer; MS - guitar; RK - bass guitar
    Holly taught me this one. She learned it from Fennig's All-Star String Band of New York.

4. Fanny Power / A Stor A Stor A Ghra
AC - zither; RK - bass guitar
    Another piece for harp by Carolan, and a tune from the singing of Eilish Moore.

5. The Bellringing
AC - zither; RK - bass guitar
    From Cyril Tawney. A song tune from the West Country which imitates change ringing.

6. Elsie Marley
AC - concertina; HT - Appalachian dulcimer; MS - guitar; RK - bass guitar
    The jig to which Geordie Charlton's pig danced all the way to Walker Shore under the influence of his shovel.

7. Go from my Window / The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea
AC - zither
    The first tune is from the singing of Liz Dyer, the second from Nic Jones, of whose guitar arrangement this is a zither approximation.

8. Christmas Day in the Morning
AC - zither, fife; HT - Appalachian dulcimer
    A Shetland tune from Aly Bain.

9. Glen Cottage
AC - zither, whistle
    An air in memory of a hostel in Wester Ross where individuals grew.

10. The Dhu Hill
AC - hammered dulcimer; HT - Appalachian dulcimer
    A Scots jig.

11. Midnight on the Water
AC - zither; MS - dobro
    A Texas waltz learned from David Bromberg, who traced it back to Texas fiddler Benny Thomasson.

12. Pandeirada de Entrimo
AC - zither, concertina; MS - guitar; HT - Appalachian dulcimer
    From the singers of Galicia, north-west Spain, who accompany it with tambourines.

13. Somewhere to Stay
AC - zither
    The tune of a song by Rab Noakes.

14. The Cutty Wren
AC - zither; MS - bottleneck guitar; HT - Appalachian dulcimer
    The tune of a ritual song concerned with the custom of hunting and killing the wren, poor little bleeder