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Reviews of Romanian albums, written by Andrew Cronshaw in fRoots (or earlier Folk Roots or Southern Rag)

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Artist Title Label Release date FR issue number
Adrian Petrescu The Magic of Adrian Petrescu Camus 1999 203
Ansamblul Cununa Carpatilor Ansamblul Cununa Carpatilor Syncoop 1992 120
Ansamblul Datina din Filipestii de Padure Ansamblul Datina din Filipestii de Padure Syncoop 1992 120
Ansamblul Salba Prahovei Ansamblul Folkloric Românesc Syncoop 1990 103/104
Ardealul Ensemble Gypsy Music from Transylvania Ethnophonie 2003 256
Crai Nou Ensemble Les Flûtes Roumaines - Romanian Flutes Sunset 2010 326/327
Damian Draghici Damian Draghici - Românian Gypsy Panpipe Virtuoso Lyrichord 1999 203
Dimitru Farcas, Taraf Mociu, Florea Pascu, Taraf de Haiduks, Fanfare Ciocarlia Romania: Wild Sounds from Transylvania, Wallachia & Moldavia World Network/WDR 1997 182/183
Gheorghe Trambitas (with folk orchestra directed by Ovidiou Bartes) Voice of the Taragot Folk Sounds 2007 292
Gheorghe Zamfir  The Beautiful Sound Of The Pan Pipes Music Club 1995 146/147
Grigore Lese Romania : Grigore Lese - Lapus Song Ocora Radio France 2009 321
Ion Petre Stoican  Sounds from a Bygone Age, Vol.1 - Ion Petre Stoican, Romania Asphalt Tango 2005 271/272
Ionica Minune Ionica Minune si Dragostea Pentru Acordeon Electrecord 2003 262
Maria Tanase Malédiction d'Amour Oriente 2000 223/224
Maria Tanase Ciuleandra Oriente 2001 229
Marius Preda's Unknown Allstars Budala Hop Opa Cupa 2010 334
Nicolae Gutsa Nicolae Gutsa - La grande voix Tsigane de Roumanie Inna+ 2010 326/327
Orchestra Mihalache Tiganii Lautari Own label 2003 247/248
Pamunt Rom Group Ritmul Nostru CNI 2000 211/212
Romica Puceanu Sounds from a Bygone Age vol.2 - Romica Puceanu & the Gore Brothers Asphalt Tango 2006 275
Shaun Davey Voices from the Merry Cemetery Tara 2010 338/339
Sherban Lupu Sherban Lupu and the Peasant Virtuosos of Romania Electrecord 2003 261
Taraf de Haïdouks Band of Gypsies Crammed Discs 2001 218/219
Taraf de Haïdouks The Continuing Adventures of Taraf de Haïdouks (DVD + CD) Crammed Discs 2005 271/272
Taraf Doïna Botoca  Taraf Doïna Botoca  Label Ouest 2004 259/260
Trio Dobrogea Muzica din Delta-Dunarii - Musique traditionelle de Roumanie Label Ouest 2004 265
Various Roumanie - Romania Silex/Auvidis 1997 184


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